Monday, July 2, 2007

Thinking out loud... or not

Although the name of this blog is "Musings of a Tech Teacher" and I specifically started it as "A place where I can think out loud" one thing strikes me as I look over the few posts I have here and on my other blog in Hebrew, iteachr, I'm not very active as far as thinking out loud, blog style, goes.

On the other hand, I am a world class procrastinator, and so instead of sitting down to the nitty gritty of planning my curriculum for next year, I find I am spending hours, even days, consuming gallons of coffee, packets of cigarettes, and surfing the internet in search of new tools and applications that may somehow be of aid. The truth is that the list of links I have collected is already too long and I know I will find it hard to to focus when I do finally have to make a choice.

I guess the first step for me is to stop my incessant web quest and to start putting some order into things. First things first pick a subject area, topic or whatever you like to call it, then review the standards set out by the curriculum, decide what the focus is, map out aims and objectives, outcomes etc. See how the learning experience can be enriched, enhanced, taken at least one step further by the implementation of technology.

I've got my work cut out for me.... better have another cup of coffee :-)


Gus Lindquist said...

Hi Tech Teacher,
It's me again ... I'm taking breaks from sanding the ceiling ... and without taking the time to clean the dust off the backs of my hands, I come to the keyboard and look up the next thing you've done ...

And I am beginning to think that maybe the way to go is to be supportive of a teacher like you and help you build the tools you need for YOUR classroom, knowing full well (assuming?) that they will be universally useful.

And I am working on your Animal ABC book using Scrapblog ... not as a finished product but to show you some photos from wikipedia.


Gus Lindquist said...

Hilding aka Gus